July 16, 2015

If you want to know…

What are brushes for?

Brushes are used to enhance graphics and digital designs. You have probably used the regular round brushes a thousand times, but they can get a little boring at times. So we have brushes of all kinds of patterns, shapes and sizes to make things more interesting. It is much easier to use a specially designed brush to produce a picture or look you want. So why not download some brushes and explore the possibilities!

How do I use the brushes?

Download and unzip the file then place the .abr files in a folder where all your brushes are kept. In PhotoShop open the brushes palette (windows > show brushes) and click on the arrow (top right hand corner of palette) and select ‘load brush’. Now go into the folder and pick a brush set you want to use.

I downloaded the brushes but it doesn't open in photoshop.

You will need to unzip and load the .abr file into your brushes palette to use the brushes.

Are you brushes free?

Yes, they are free for personal use. If you would like to use them for commercial purposes please refer to the terms of use.

Can you design something for me?

I am available for freelance design work. Please contact me to discuss.