terms of use

July 16, 2015

Before you start enjoying the brushes please take a moment to read through the terms of use.

personal use

Miss M’s brushes are free for personal or non-commercial use
You must credit and link back to this site when you use its brushes in your designs
Redistribution of Miss M’s brushes is no allowed. This means you cannot offer them to others on your own site. (If you want to share the brushes with others simply provide a link of this site)

commercial use

Commercial use of brushes means you are using them in something that will ultimately bring profit to you.

To use the brushes commercially you’ll need to purchase them, after that you can use the sets you’ve purchased for any commercial use- and you don’t have to link back!

Here is the price guide (in USD):

$15 for 10 sets
$20 for 20 sets
$30 for 40 sets

Payment can be made via Paypal using the donate button below:

Make payments with PayPal – it’s fast, free and secure!

If you have any queries regarding using Miss M’s brushes please contact me.