+ How to organize your brushes

Some people have told me that their photoshop program crash or freeze after putting some new brushes in their brushes folder. This 99% due to the fact that you have not organized your brushes properly.
Follow these simple steps and you'll have a stress-feel brushes experience:

1. You must not store all the download brush files (brush.abr) in the Photoshop brush folder. Why? Because when Photoshop opens it loads everything from it's folder (eg. plugins, filters and brushes!) so if you have hundreds and thousands of brushes stored in that folder it'll load all of them whether you intend on using them or not.
By storing all your brushes in another folder-that is not inside the Photoshop program's foler-you can just load the brushes you want when you need to use them.
What I do is store my brushes near all of my other documents such as music, webpages etc. And I suggest you do the same.

2. Store your ZIP files separately
After you've finished downloading the brushes make a ZIPS folder. And inside the folder make a folder for each site you downloaded from and name it the brush site's name. This is so that you know who to link to and give credit. Now place the zips in the respective folders.

3. Catergorise your brushes by style!
Now that your got the zip files all sorted out it's time to unzip them and organize them. If you find it hard to remember which brush is which style then go through them and place them by style. These are the folders you'll probably need:

Here's an example of a way to store your brushes:

Now you'll never get lost when looking for brushes...hopefully! Buy online prescription Cialis without Buy Levitra (vardenafil) Buy Cialis soft tabs 50mg Cialis sale